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Hints & Tips: Download The Organizer

You can choose to download the Worksheets as follows:

  • Individual Worksheets in each Life Theme section – one Worksheet at a time.
  • All Worksheets in one or more Life Theme sections.
  • Please note that some browsers will automatically download documents and save them to your “Documents” or "Downloads" folder on your device.

Please Note - This function is not available for Binder Pack Purchases. You will receive your Binder Pack in the mail.

Hints & Tips: Save it Somewhere Safe

To save a downloaded Worksheet:

  • Please take note of where the documents are downloaded and saved.
  • Use the “Save As” feature on your personal computer or digital device to create a folder (s) and or file(s) for each Life Theme section.
  • Save the files your way (e.g., thumb drive, ICloud).
  • We do not recommend permanently saving any Worksheets on your hard drive.

Download Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat is required to edit the fillable PDF Worksheets.


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