Frequently Asked Questions


EOMO is the One System to Organize Your Personal and Financial Life.

EOMO . . .

  • Lists essential information you need
  • Streamlines information you have
  • Identifies what’s missing
  • Documents where you put your information
  • Chronicles your vital decisions
  • Organizes and stores your documents
  • Reminds you to make free and easy updates
  • Educates you about your personal estate

EOMO provides customized service if you do not want to tackle the organization on your own.

  • Yes. Everyone has a personal estate. A personal estate is not about how much money you make, how much money you have, or your age.
  • Your personal estate includes everything you own and owe, e.g., house, clothing, furniture, bank accounts, retirement, life insurance, tools and equipment, real estate, business, student loans, car loans, mortgages, and credit card debt.
  • Millennials to individuals “North of Fifty”
  • Anyone ready to be Up-to-Date, In-Touch and Prepared for Now and the Future!
  • That’s great!
  • Use EOMO to check if you have thought of everything.

EOMO is a healthy habit . . .

  • E - Easy to Use Fillable Forms
  • O - Options to Complete, Store and Secure
  • M - Method to Update and Maintain Your Vital Data
  • O - Organizer to Keep Everything in One Place
  • We get it! We were you.
  • EOMO is uncomplicated and approachable for “pencil pushers” to “techie’s.”
  • The design divides your information into six sections, called “Life Themes.”
  • Your effort can be focused on one section or selected pieces of sections.
  • You do not have to complete the system all at one sitting!
  • You decide how you’ll do it based on time and priorities.
  • EOMO’s resources are available to support you!
  • Yes. Download the Checklists and Worksheets.
  • Print what you need, and fill them out in pencil.
  • File the Worksheets in the EOMO customized Executive Binder.
  • Absolutely! You can purchase as many EOMO systems as you like.
  • An EOMO system is a wonderful way to show you care!
  • An EOMO system makes a great gift for weddings, birthdays and new homes.

You choose whatever method(s) makes you the most comfortable.
Some options are as follows:

  • A secure website/personal cloud
  • EOMO Executive Binder
  • Access to your personal hard drive
  • Encrypted USB drive
  • Yes. You can purchase a personalized EOMO system for them.
  • EOMO Coaches are available for support and assistance.

Below is a suggested dialogue: Mom and Dad –

  • We know you want your wishes honored and not dictated by others.
  • For this to happen, everything must be in writing.
  • EOMO is a simple way to document your decisions.
  • It prompts us to have the critical conversations we should have together.
  • Don’t worry about your data being "hacked." EOMO does not store any data.
  • The bottom-line, mom and dad, with your personalized EOMO system –
    • You remain in-touch, up-to- date and in-control of your personal estate.
    • You make informed decisions.
    • You inform those who need to know about your decisions and personal estate.

How EOMO Works

  • No. Complete only those that apply to you and your family.

Time varies. Factors to consider include:

  • How organized you are.
  • Scope of your portfolio.
  • Availability of your documents.
  • Your goals -- what you ultimately want to accomplish
  • Take all the time you need. You will be learning as you go
  • One purchase entitles you to one personalized EOMO system.
  • One EOMO system can be used for an individual or a family.
  • Some families may choose to purchase individual personalized EOMO systems for more than one family member.

Creating an EOMO

If you have purchased Digital Access, you will:

  • Receive an email with instructions to download the EOMO system.
  • Select the Life Theme and related Worksheets you want to complete.

If you have purchased a paper copy of the EOMO system, you will:

  • Select the Life Theme, related Worksheets you want to complete.

Step 1: Click "Pricing Icon" and select the level of service you would like to purchase.

Step 2: Click "Join Now" icon

Step 3: Create your account. Enter your payment information.

Step 4:  Click "Checkout." You will be brought to a confirmation page to verify your information.

Step 5:  Click "Download all Worksheets!" to download all the worksheets by Life Theme.

Additionally, you may browse each Life Theme folder and download the Worksheets individually.

You chose whatever method makes you most comfortable. Some options are:

  • Encrypted USB drive
  • A secure website/personal cloud
  • Your EOMO binder
  • Personal hard drive

EOMO’s design offers choices depending upon your comfort level, needs, and to some extent, how you saved your EOMO system.  Some examples are:

Encrypted USB DriveHome Safe, Home Safe Box
Personal Hard DriveHard Drive back up in Home Safe, Home Safe Box
Secure Personal CloudSecure Personal Cloud
EOMO BinderHome Safe, Home Safe Box, Estate Executor
  • Go to Support Center at which is routinely updated.
  • The FAQs and Glossary in your EOMO Executive Binder are current as of the date of purchase.
  • You can contact an EOMO coach by email or live chat with questions.

Please click here visit the Forgot Password page and enter your email address. Check your email and follow the instructions.

  • Complete what you know and have available.
  • Return to the missing section (s) once you have what you need.
  • There are variety opinions. Many of your important documents are online and can be easily accessed with a username and password, e.g., bank statements.
  • If you prefer to keep manual records, you should be guided by your own personal situation and your comfort level.
  • Err on the side of caution. If you think you need to keep something, keep it.
  • If you toss anything, especially if it has your personal identification information, e.g., social security number, shred it!
  • Below are some things for you to consider. We found little consensus on this topic because everyone’s needs and circumstances are different.
  • We recommend you consult with your advisors or professionals for the appropriate disposal of your personal, financial and legal documents.

Keep Forever

Examples: Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, marriage and or divorce decrees, citizenship papers, adoption papers, death certificate

Keep Until no Longer Needed

Examples: Home Improvement records until you pay capital gains tax, investment information, vehicle titles until you sell vehicles, appliance warranties until you replace appliances, real estate deed(s) and settlement documents until pay taxes, loan documentation, Living Will, paid medical bills, Powers of Attorney,

Keep Until Expired

Examples: Licenses, Passports, Travel Accounts, Global Entry, car insurance, life insurance, service contracts and warranties

Keep 7 Years

Examples: Taxes and documentation, tax related cancelled checks, W-2, records for tax deductions taken

Toss Immediately

Examples: Sales receipts (unless you are going to return an item(s), ATM receipts, paid credit card statements, paid utility bills, and cancelled checks that are not tax related

Storing the EOMO system is an important decision.
Some factors to consider are:

  • Accessibility – Handy for periodic review, update and decision-making
  • Safety – Protection from fire, flood, damage and loss
  • Security – Safeguarding from theft, misuse and tampering
  • Delegation – Sharing with loved ones/trusted agents (Delegates)
  • Store documents that are important, difficult to replace, and or need to be secured from fire, theft, and water damage.
  • A Home Safe Box is a water proof, fire proof and theft proof container. Keep in mind that home safe specifications vary as do their level of protection. Be an educated consumer. As with most things, do some research and get informed before purchasing and selecting the location of your Home Safe Box.
  • Examples: Birth certificates, citizenship papers, social security card, passport, marriage and or divorce certificate, adoption papers, property titles, insurance policies, interior and exterior photographs/video of your home, safe deposit box keys, EOMO encrypted thumb drive or CD or Executive Binder, health care proxies.
  • We thought you might want to do this.
  • · The Home Life Theme is saved in a separate workbook. This allows you to independently work on this section, save it and file and store it separately from the other Life Theme Sections.
  • Yes.
  • A single, personalized purchase allows you to download the number of personalized copies you need for your residences.

Managing my EOMO

Retrieve your EOMO worksheets and edit as needed.

Downloading the Organizer is just like downloading an email attachment - your browser will either prompt you to select a location on your computer to save the file(s), or it will simply go to your default "Downloads" folder.

Yes! Please fill this out at your own pace.

This depends on what you purchased.

  • Do It Yourself: You purchase the system. We provide online support. You do it yourself.
  • Coaching Support: You purchase the system. We provide online support. You are charged an hourly rate for individualized coaching. You do it yourself.
  • Concierge: You purchase an inclusive package which includes an EOMO Coach to arrange, assist, and coordinate the completion* of your EOMO system.

(*Based on an EOMO-Client Agreement)

Billing and Payment


  • We know everyone has a personal preference for securing his or her data. With the EOMO system, you choose how to secure your personal and financial documents.
  • No.
  • EOMO is not a data base management system.
  • We do not store any EOMO information.
  • No. EOMO never shares your information with third parties
  • EOMO does not store any data.


  • Yes. We love talking about and sharing the EOMO system.
  • We’re frequently asked by our clients to speak to small and large groups.
  • Click here, Contact us.