Grow Your Business. Show Your Clients They Matter. Thank Your Employees.

Give them the gift of an EOMO - a Life and Legacy Estate Planning Tool.


For Your Business

Differentiate Your Company

  • Show your value beyond offering extraordinary advice and customer service.
  • Provide your clients an easy, safe, secure, and consolidated way to record and share their essential information with loved ones.

Increase Your Business Now

  • “Zero-in” quickly to identify gaps and offer additional services to your clients with a complete picture of their estate plan.
  • Co-brand to remind your clients of our engagement, support, and services.


Build Next Gen Relationships

  • Create an effortless introduction to your client’s family.
  • Connect to your client’s family with the EOMO® “trusted agent” concept, build multi-gen relationships, and retain business when a client passes.  


For Your Clients

Enhance Your Client Experience

  • Add value with a resource that further educates your clients about what they need, what they have, and what is missing.
  • Provide your clients with the enduring gift of peace of mind.

Engage And Empower Clients

  • Support your clients by facilitating difficult but essential conversations. 
  • Provide clients with data, resources, and enough autonomy to use them in the best interests of themselves and loved ones.

Strengthen Client Relationships

  • Provide an intuitive framework for periodic check-in with clients.
  • Show appreciation for your loyal clients after key business milestones or around the holidays with the gift of an EOMO.


For Your Employees

Increase Employee Satisfaction

  • Show your commitment to a work environment – wherever that may be - where your employees’ emotional, physical, and financial needs matter.
  • Position your employees for the expected and unimaginable so they can be mission ready.

Increase Time to Productivity

  • Save time and money - being unprepared can be costly in many ways. 
  • Gain benefits as employees stay at the top of their game, minimizing the distraction of attending to personal affairs.


Increase Employee Engagement


Think how it would feel to open a work email, expecting to be buried in yet another task, and instead finding a message like this


Dear Employee

Having you on our team makes us so much better. You are working hard to stay ahead of client needs. Enjoy our new employee benefit – EOMO – a life and legacy estate planner.

With EOMO, you create, record, store and retrieve your personnel and financial information. It's an important retirement tool.

.We know you have choices about where you work

!It’s a privilege having you on our team


We can customize a plan for you!