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Download the Organizer

You can choose to download the Worksheets as follows:

  1. Individual Worksheets in each Life Theme section – one Worksheet at a time.
  2. All Worksheets in one or more Life Theme sections.
  3. Please note that some browsers will automatically download documents and save them to your “Documents” or "Downloads" folder on your device.

Save it Somewhere Safe

To save a downloaded Worksheet:

  1. Use the “Save As” feature on your personal computer or digital device to create a folder (s) and or file(s) for each Life Theme section.
  2. Save the files to your hard drive, thumb drive or personal secure method.
  3. Please take note of where the documents are downloaded and saved.
  4. We do not recommend saving any Worksheets on your hard drive.
  5. The most secure method is to save the Worksheets to an encrypted thumb or your personal secure method.

Download Adobe Acrobat

  1. Adobe Acrobat is required to edit the fillable PDF Worksheets.
  2. You can download it here.

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